FUOYE Student Shares Eye Witness Account on Clash, Absolves Erelu Fayemi

Having witnessed and gathered information from what happened at FUOYE. I understand some facts

The students were protesting against lack of Electricity. It was a peaceful protest. They got informed that her Excellency Bisi Fayemi was in Oye and they wanted her to listen to thier agitation with the hope she would be the best person to pass it to the right authorities. Policemen in an attempt to prevent them from gaining access to Her Excellency, added salt to their injury by slapping FUOYE SUG president.

The protest went out-of-hand and they resorted to vandalism.

The trigger happy policemen opened fire on the angry students and killed at least two students while trying to prevent the students from going across the set line.

“The mismanagement of the issue started from the police who slapped their Union President which made the issue assume a new turn to degenerate into chaos.

It is a sad one for all the parties.

It seems the students desired to be addressed by the First Lady which she could have done but the overzealous policemen birthed the crisis.

Erelu Bisi Fayemi for who she is cannot order such a shooting. The police is poorly trained and they are the ones to blame in all this. You don’t slap a Union President and expect students to stay back. At that point, even the Union President will be unable to keep them in control again”

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My name is Richie Adewusi, I am a student of FUOYE

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