AbdulRasheed Maina:The Maradona On a Wheelchair

By: Usman Issa (Busy Brain)

For the sake of anyone who might not be familiar with the name Maradona, Maradona is a legend in the History of football who happens to be ardent and skillful player. During his days on the pitch, Maradona was more or less like today’s Messi, he dribbles and manages ball energetically and tactically. Till date, Maradona is a well known player all over the world for his playing prowess.

Unlike Marodona who was a stylist on the field during his own time, Abdulrasheed Maina, a former Chairman of Pension Reform Task Team is another Maradona who has recently been granted bail in court of law through his maradonic display.

Maina was accused of fraud, money laundering and operating fictitious account; he was initially declared wanted by EFCC and later got arrested and charged to court on 12 counts including 2.1 billion naira pension fund scam. Before Maina was arrested, I want to believe firmly that he has undergone series of maradonic training in order to display perfectly in court and when he finally appeared in court, he took sickness along.

This maradonic display started when Maina was absent in court due to his proclaimed unhealthy status. So, Maina who was healthy and fit before the EFCC sent him a signal now embraces sudden illness because of trial. What an emergency sickeness. Furthernore, Maina who feigned illness to wore a pitiable look proclaimed in court that his Blood Pressure rose immediately the judge instructed him to stop staring at him. This is utterly ridiculous and funny. I don’t know that one’s Blood Pressure will begin to rise as a result of losing eyes contact with someone. The judge intentionally told Maina to stop staring at him continuously in order to concentrate and that simple utterance from the judge increased Main’s blood pressure. Wonderful!

Similarly, Maina appeared in court, well sitted on a wheelchair; this finally mesmerized the attention of the judge who deeply pitied his condition. The judge was touched to have seen Maina wheeled into the court room by two warders. As a matter of fact, empathising Maina reveals the level of weakness in Nigeria Judicial System. Why do the judge not pitying myriad Nigerians who are entitled to the huge amount of money single handedly burried by Maina? Why do the judge never querry the nature of sickness that got Maina a fanstastic wheelchair? My God! When will government officials in Nigeria stop hidding under sickness to avoid trial after they might have exhausted their immunity clause?

At last, the miracle that bailed Maina was highly incredible. Maina bleeds in court to certify his poor health condition. Well, bleeding is very common in Nollywood movies. It’s very easy to bleed, very easy to sit on wheelchair and even very easy to die. Kudos to AbdulRasheed Maina, he has been granted bail with the sum of 1 billion naira out of his 2.1billion naira scam. Maina still gains like 1.1billion naira take home. Hurray! Welcome to Nigeria where there is no bill that support the killing of corrupt politicians. But, a bill to kill the poor masses by hanging all in the name of hate speech can be sponsored.

Busy Brain is an opinion writer, researcher, political analyst, media critic and Public Relations practitioner. He graduated from the Federal Polytechnic Offa, Kwara State…the fastest growing Polytechnic in Nigeria