Meet the young Lady who calls herself president of “Oloshos” and a Marlian

If you are a regular user of instagram, you might have come across one or two of this lady’s posts.

She is simply known as Mandykiss. One thing fascinating about this young lady is that she openly calls herself an Olosho, and she said she is proud of it. Infact, she says she is the president as you can see on her profile below.

As you can see that Mandykiss is very popular on instagram, with over one hundred and eighty thousand followers. She is also followed by some popular celebrities like Naira marley, Small badoo, Bella schmurda, and so on. Mandykiss became popular after she drew a tattoo of Naira marley on her body. This also caught the attention of Naira marley, as he now knows her personally. Singer, Small badoo uploaded a video of her dancing to his song, and he acknowledged her with her title.

In one of her videos, she was complaining that guys are now scared to ask for her services because she drew their role model, Naira marley on her lap. She then admonished them not to be scared, as it doesn’t mean anything. She never fails to always say it that she will forever be a Marlian.

Check out photos of the young lady below.