Rejoinder on Rep faces disgrace as PDP, Filiya Community leader rejects Simon’s proposed Constituency project.

Our attention has been drawn to the purported fake news report written by one Salisu Waziri, circulating on blog and on different social media platforms regarding the so-called fake news that Rep faces disgrace as PDP, Filiya Community leader rejects Simon’s proposed Constituency project.

We want to make it categorically clear that the news is untrue, fallacious and misleading, it was a cooked story in an attempt to tarnish the hard earned reputation of Hon. Simon Karu to gain some cheap political points and unmerited relevance.

Salisu Waziri in his cooked story, claimed that, the Filiya ward secretary of the People Democratic Party (PDP) in Shongom local government area of Gombe state Mr. Habu Ali and a Community leader Mr. Gambo Hussaini have queried the inclusion of Leadership Training for youths in Pero Chonge Community as one of the Constituency project proposed by the member House of Representative representing Kaltungo/Shongom Federal constituency, Hon Simon Karu in the 2022 Constituency projects recently Released by the National Assembly.

Salisu further said that, Mr Ali added to his stories that the inclusion of the leadership Training for youths as a Constituency project is a misplaced priority as there are more pressing demands that affect the people directly than the proposed leadership training.

We regard Salisu Waziri and’s claims as baseless, misleading and fake.

1. The and Salisu Waziri are an anti-system tool of the opposition PDP with an objective to blackmail Hon. Simon Karu representing Kaltungo/Shongom Federal Constituency of Gombe State.

2. The and Salisu Waziri need executive and parliamentary seminar which will give them the privilege to know the executives and parliamentarians roles in projects inclusion and execution.

3. The and Salisu Waziri should note that Hon. Simon Karu is a member of the All Progressive Congress (APC), and the general public are fully aware that criticism from the little fragments of opposition in Filiya are baseless.

4. The and Salisu Waziri should bury their heads in shame as Hon. Binta Bello, the former Deputy Minority Whip, House of Representatives, has already debunked the fake news in diverse social media groups, she said and I quote: “Fake news! I am from FILIYA by birth and I am a PDP member, our people can never reject development”.

5. The, Salisu Waziri and their cohorts should note that Filiya is a Ward in a Federal Constituency of 20 Wards.

6. The, Salisu Waziri and their cohorts should know that Hon. Simon Karu is not only representing the good people of Filiya, he is representing the entire people of Kaltungo/Shongom Federal constituency, comprising of 4 State Constituencies.

7. The, Salisu Waziri and their cohorts must be told that Leadership Training for Youths is not a misplaced priority, neither is leadership training for ethnic nationalities,at a time we are faced with Communal clashes. It can only be rejected by any youth who fails to see beyond today or does not dream of being in a leadership position. Also, the training is not for Filiya alone, hence, a single confusionist can’t reject the wishes of the masses.

8. The, Salisu Waziri and their cohorts need to be informed that the National Assembly has never released any 2022 Constituency project as alleged.The 2021 projects are still ongoing and not yet funded 100%.

9. The, Salisu Waziri and their cohorts need to be aware of numerous projects executed in Filiya Ward alone.

10. Hon. Simon Karu has constructed and furnished a block of three classrooms at Jauro Sajo,Filiya.

11. Supply of 100 computers to Filiya Jamb Centre.

12. Rural Electrification of Yapandi-Gujuba-Chwege Villages

13. Sinking of 12,000 ltr solar borehole at Farinkasa

14. Repairs of Filiya Central transformer

15. Donation of 2kva Solar Inverter to Dulani Clinic, Filiya.

While calling on the general public to disregard the fake report and any trending false publication against Hon. Simon Karu, especially from, Salisu Waziri and their cohorts.

We also warn other mischief makers to desist from dragging the name of the well respected Hon. Simon Karu; a humble and gentle minded person into unnecessary criticism.

~ Signed by Ba’ana Edward Jatau
Community Youth Mobiliser and Leader of Filiya Ward.